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"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

– Albert Einstein

Out the Box CFO provides business owners

with the peace of mind that their

their business financials are managed.

Our focus is to add value.

1. Clear direction

All successful businesses have a winning strategy. If you have a strategy in place, we can help you to make sure that it is optimal and sustainable. If not, we will assist you to develop a financial strategy to achieve your business goals.

Aspects of this service will typically include: realigning of strategies to achieve financial targets; quantifying financial implications of specific projects; evaluating your budgets and forecasts, and establishing exit and succession strategies.

2. Sound cash flow

Performance is reliant on a healthy cash flow. Many businesses fail because of poor cash-flow management. We can help you improve your cash flow.

Services include: Assessment of your cash-flow position; identifying cash savings and leakages; identifying your critical cash-flow needs; and where needed, assist you in applying for funding.

3. Reduced risk

In every business there are risks which can inhibit growth and destroy value. Our role is to help you identify risks, ensuring that growth is not interrupted. We address risk areas by performing a comprehensive ‘health check’.

Areas where we identify and manage risk typically include: finance, systems, controls and regulatory compliance.

4. Accurate decision-making

Decisions will always impact on strategy, growth, value creation, cash flow and the risk profile of a business. We ensure that data on key drivers is relevant and accurate and that it is interpreted correctly and in context.

We will look at: The accuracy of the information on your systems; the completeness of your management accounts; the relevance of your report drivers.  We interpret and analyse your financial numbers and prepare management reports to your board.

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